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just kidding it's just senioritis

More than four years ago senioritis struck when I was finishing my junior year of high school. Yes, senioritis struck me quite early in high school. I've now come down with another case of senioritis as I am nearing the end of my undergraduate career.

Why do I think I have senioritis? Well simply because I have no motivation to write this paper that is due in less than 48 hours now. I currently only have 7 pages written and need 20 pages before I submit. I'd say that's senioritis at its finest.

I know I'll get my paper done (*see previous post titled "I'm the World's Best Procrastinator and I hate It."*) it's just a matter of how much sleep I will get between now and 9pm on Friday. And for those asking...yes, I am procrastinating by writing this blog post (and by watching three episodes of Jane The Virgin on Netflix earlier tonight).

I just need to get through the next 48 hours and then I can unwind by going to one of those paint and sip events Saturday night and pretend to enjoy the free glass of wine that I get at the event. We'll be painting a DC themed Starry Night and I figured it would be a great way to close out and commemorate my semester in Washington, DC.

Off to go viciously type away as much as possible before my grandma-ish bedtime of 9:30pm. I promised my supervisor at work (who was a fellow WAIPer in the summer of 2015) that I would write at least a page tonight so I can not disappoint him!

Today's motto: "I put the 'pro' in procrastinate"

And that's your Dailey dosage.

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Quick Update

Just a quick update for everyone!

Another busy first half of the week for me! I managed to get everything submitted on time like I always do. I'm currently doing some last minute mock interview prep for WAIP tonight.

I was able to grab lunch with Myah and Morgan (co-workers from the Carnegie Science Center) today. The three of us will be going to the Washington Capitals vs. Pittsburgh Penguins hockey game tonight after my mock interview. Look for us in out Pittsburgh gear! It's a nationally televised game tonight so make sure to watch.

This Friday our study tour is to the new African American History and Culture Museum and then this weekend I might be having another visitor! My big sister from ZTA is thinking about coming down this weekend which should be fun.

I fly home Monday evening for Thanksgiving and I'm looking forward to a week full of food cooked by mom and Merle snuggles.

Today's motto: treat yo self every once in a while to that burger and other nasty food you know you shouldn't eat

And that's your Dailey dosage.

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I'm the World's Best Procrastinator and I hate It.

....yes, I'm procrastinating by writing this blog

Ah, college. The time when procrastination is the norm. I have become quite adept at procrastinating in my 3.5 years in college as evidenced by the fact that I have a two page paper due by 6:30pm tomorrow on five chapters that I still have yet to read, a torpedo sales pitch presentation for my internship on Tuesday that I'm still not prepared for, and a scholarship application that's due Wednesday.

Jake was here this weekend so that didn't leave for much time to accomplish any of those assignments, but since he left at 2pm I've continued to procrastinate. SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK. It may not be the best strategy (especially since I've known about all of these assignments for 5+ weeks...), but I do some of my best work under pressure. I always somehow manage to get everything done in time and pull off a miracle.

If you're lucky enough, you might even get a text from me asking you to tell me to do my work (also a form of procrastination). So here's to minimal sleep for the first half of this week.

Today's motto: what doesn't kill you makes you stronger

And that's your Dailey dosage.

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Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning?

October's been a busy month for me. I was out of DC for three weekends in a row and now I'm trying to settle down again and get my assignments and life under control.

Today's study tour was to the Newseum. It's one of the best museums in the DC area and I was fortunate enough to go when I was in DC in 2011. The exhibits have changed since then because, well, a lot of news has happened in the past 5 years. Today I spent a lot of time at the 9/11 exhibit and it made me realize that the horrific attacks on 9/11 have brought me to where I am in life now. 9/11 sparked an interest in counter-terrorism and homeland security when I was in high school. I took a Homeland Security and Terrorism course through CCAC my senior year of high school which led me to my Security and Intelligence major at OSU which has brought me to DC.

Wall of newspaper front pages from 9/11

There were a lot of school groups at the Newseum today. While at the 9/11 exhibit, I was looking at the WTC antenna that they have on display. Many of the kids walked by, said "what's that", and kept walking. I was shocked to realize that those kids didn't know about 9/11. It made me wonder how 9/11 is taught in schools now...I may have only been in first grade with Mrs. Noonan on September 11, 2001, but I still vividly remember that day.

Upper section of the WTC North Tower antenna

I grew up affected by the repercussions of 9/11 and those repercussions have brought me here today. I'm trying to do my part to combat terrorism; I may just be one small woman in a male dominated field, but I'm going to try to make my mark on this world.

Here's to happier and more peaceful times in our world.

Today's motto: grind then shine.

And that's your Dailey dosage.

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Don't Worry, I'm Still Alive!

Sorry for the lack of posts this month...I've been super swamped with my online class, my seminar class, my internship, and all the travel I've been doing recently!

Big highlights of the past two weeks: seeing President Obama board Marine One on the South Lawn and going bowling at the White House! This past weekend I also went home for Jake's brother's wedding and it was nice being able to see family (especially Merle) and attend the wedding.

I just finished up all of my training for my internship at Alion and now I get to start on real work.

On my radar:
Wednesday - Debate watch parety with OSU alumni
Friday - study tour to a service project in the morning, Frederick Douglas house in the afternoon, and then off to PSU for the weekend to visit Jake for the OSU v PSU game!

Today's Motto: work hard, play hard

And that's your Dailey dosage.

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